Thursday, May 21, 2009

Apocalypse Wow Review and Label

Been too long since my last post.  I have tried many beers since we last spoke, but have forgotten most of them.  Whoops.  However, there is a whole summer of Saucer ahead, so there will be many reviews to come until I reach my 200th beer!

One review I can dish out is for my last batch: Apocalypse Wow.  I wasn't as proud of this one as my Pale Ale, but (as my roommate, Bryan, said) "it's not bad."  Still very dark (as was my intention) this beer has a very complex taste that was missing from the Hinesight.  The aftertaste bothered me a lot at first tasting, but upon aging for a few extra weeks, I find the flavors more defined.  The brown sugar an molasses came through much more than I expected, and kind of hinder the vanilla that I was originally going for, although it is there.  There is not a lot of head retention or carbonation in this beer either.  

Anyway, here is the label design:

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