Friday, March 6, 2009

Beer Tastings

While I still have yet to start on  a new batch, (soon, I hope) I figured I could talk on a few of my latest beers tried.  

First of all, due to a generous beer grant from my friend Matt, I was left with a sample pack of Flying Dog.  I have yet to find a Flying Dog that I didn't like, and I always love looking at the work of Hunter S. Thompson (although after too many, some of the art begins to freak me out a bit).  The bottles only add to the "Flying Dog Experience," something that gets lost in the pints of the Saucer.  My favorite from the mixed pack has got to be the Road Dog Porter.  Very robust malted flavors in this beer.  The chocolate aromas really come out when I poured it into a glass (Flying Dog glass complements of drunken Flying Saucer night!).  Road Dog only makes me want to try Gonzo Imperial Porter even more than before, so I might have to make a stop at Peace Street Market in the near future.  Old Scratch Amber is also worth noting.  There is nothing very complicated about this beer, and it sure does go down smooth.

Highland Black Mountain Bitter: One of the more unique beers that I have tried lately.  Highland is another brewery that I can always seem to count on.  Being local makes it even better.  Hopefully, I can make it to a tour sometime.  According to the description, this beer has grassy hops with a finishing hint of butter.  I loved the earthy hops (with some citrus) because I actually did get tastes of grass (which is one of my favorite smells).  I probably would have never thought butter, unless I read it, but I was able to recognize it.  

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot: Wow, what a beer.  Served in a smaller glass, (thank goodness) this barleywine style beer really defined "sipping beer."  There was almost too many flavors in it to the point of it not being enjoyable, although not as bad as Dogfish Head's 120 min IPA.  I would like to give this beer another try, again when it is cold outside.  However, I have to say, I was not as impressed as I had hoped to be.  

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